Some of the natural essences and botanicals I use in my perfumes. Photo copyright Bajan Scent, all rights reserved.

I love perfumes and I love skincare. I have learned a lot about them both first as an avid but somewhat fussy consumer who has always been particular about what I put on my skin, and now in my ongoing journey as an artisan perfumer and soap maker.

I firmly believe that perfumes and skin care products that are ethically and sustainably made using the most beautiful essential oils, plant extracts and raw materials in the world can have a transformative effect. Artisan perfumes, in particular, are often more intimate, more in tune with and respectful of the order, secrets, and dignity of nature and less intrusive than their mass-produced, commercial counterparts.

Whether you live in Barbados or are here for a visit, experiencing a thoughtfully crafted artisan perfume or skin care product made with integrity from the finest ingredients can prove to be a powerful and memorable experience for you.

For any inquiries please contact me at bajanscent@gmail.com