About my perfumes

frangipani2 I look for the highest quality aromatic ingredients locally, regionally and from around the world and use them to make perfumes that celebrate nature, as well as reveal hidden stories of culture and heritage.

Each perfume is constructed individually by hand with formulas created from scratch, which can take anywhere from a few weeks to months or more to develop. The formulas use the classic fragrance model of top, heart and base notes, I aim to make each one as unique and memorable as possible. The perfumes are then made in small batches from a combination of natural plant extracts and essential oils such as frangipani, cocoa bean, frankincense and vetiver (khus khus grass), and also key accords – which can be a combination of both natural and man-made fragrance materials.

Each perfume is made to order, and comes in a natural carrier base of sugar cane alcohol or coconut oil. These handmade perfumes do not usually have the same effect as commercial perfumes. Instead they are milder and more intimate, and designed to be worn with a subtle effect on the skin.